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Euro 2012: Results of the European Football Championship

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Euro 2012 final Photo1
European Football Champion was the team of Spain. The experts summarize the results of EURO 2012: they praise the Spaniards and Italians, they blame Russian and English teams, they thank Ukraine and Poland for the good organization of the tournament.

The final match of Euro 2012 is finished in Kiev. The European champion is the team of Spain.

The main favorite of the "Euro-2012" was considered the Spaniards - the current world and European champions. However, the performance of the champions of Europe, was (until the finals) very far from perfect and the audience (except the Spaniards themselves) evoked mixed feelings. The Spaniards played dry and academic, they won, but their play did not bring great satisfaction.

Therefore, in the finals of Euro 2012, the majority of neutral observers did not support Spain. However Furia Rocha managed to restore its image in the course of the game, having shown that inspiring and bright (as well as total and consistent) football, for which the fans like the team of Spain so much.

A very different football was shown by the Italians during the championship, who were not considered the favorites of Euro 2012. The team weakened due to the absence of several players and distracted by the match-fixing scandal, the Italian team has played more clearly than in 2006, when everything was against it as then, but that does not stop the team from winning the World Championship.

The team of Italy defeated the team of Ireland in the group, completely overran the British team in the quarter-finals, have left no chance for the Germans in the semifinals. "A couple of crazy" Cassano and Ballotelli showed the best football of their career, supported by mid-fielders, above all, of course, Andrea Pirlo, who after Euro 2012 is ranked as the great.
Euro 2012 final Photo2
But the Italians lost the finals in all respects, and it should be recognized fair. The Spanish team was much higher in class, and the team wanted to win this particular match no less than its opponent. In addition, the Italians had no luck, half an hour they were playing in the minority, but by that time, the outcome of the meeting was quite clear.

The second favorite of the "Euro-2012" was considered the team of Germany. The worse the Spaniards were playing, though winning, the more experts believed that the Germans will win the championship. The audience actually didn't have a chance to see a branded German football. This football is not to everyone's taste, but at the end of the tournament, German team had the strongest command performance of all the teams.

Perhaps, it is excessive hopes which were placed on the German national team, played a cruel joke on it, which did not allow them to play in a familiar and convenient for the football with the Italians. Or the fact that Italy lost in the semi-finals is explained by the fact that the Germans, as well as the Spaniards, were too self-confident and played far too academic.

During "Euro-2012", some teams played brighter than everybody expected. In particular, this can be said about the Portuguese national team. The Portuguese led by Ronaldo easily and naturally got out of the group of death, beating the Dutch team, without any problems they defeated the team of Czech Republic, played better than the Spaniards in the semi-finals, but still they did not manage to go further.

Cristiano Ronaldo along with Pirlo is the best player of Euro 2012. He demonstrated a bright solo play as well as the ability to help the team, which he had never done before. Whoever won the award for best player of the European Championship, the Golden Ball of 2012, will probably go to no one else but Ronaldo.
Euro 2012 final Photo3
The performance of some of the other teams at "Euro-2012" was predictably unsuccessful. No points were scored by the latest World Cup finalists - the Dutch team, who were not able to turn a group of stars in a single team. The team of England reached the quarterfinals, but lost it, and the French team, who, in its current form was considered one of the favorites mechanically to a greater degree.

For the results of the Russian team at "Euro-2012" are almost entirely disappointing. Having failed to prepare for the championship, either emotionally or physically, suffering from lack of luck, the team was unable to get out of the easiest group of the championship, the team also managed to quarrel with the fans, the players of the team did not consider it necessary to explain or apologize for the game.

Although, "Euro-2012" started for the team quite differently. After the defeat of the Czechs, the Russian team was called the best team of the first game of the tour. However, this success has remained a single flash. After the championship, the football community concludes: former coach is lost, there is no new coach either, there is no new head of the RAF, again, there are only players, many of them should be also replaces, but it is not clear by whom.

"Euro-2012" was quite different for the Ukrainian team. That is, formally, it was formed in the same way - the Ukrainian team took the third place in the group and took off. However, unlike the Russians, Ukrainians fought in the field, apologized to the fans and felt their support, moreover, they did not lose to the same Poles or Greeks, but to the British and the French. The results of the championship for Ukraine - respect of fans and experts.
Euro 2012 final Photo4
Ukraine showed itself at the "Euro-2012" not only as one of the participants, but also a co-organizer - along with Poland. On the eve of the championship, there were serious doubts that it would be successful. They were not even sure that the Ukrainians would have time to put into operation all the stadiums and other objects of infrastructure. As a result, many teams' players who played their matches in Ukraine, preferred to live in Poland.

However, the championship has shown that the fears were largely unfounded. Stadiums were full, unpleasant incidents involving fans took place, but in Poland, not in Ukraine. Neither participants of "Euro-2012", nor fans were not complaining about the level of the organization - on the contrary, they thanked Ukraine for its warm welcome. For Ukrainians, it was important to hold this tournament on a good level, and they did it well. Organizational results of the championship are particularly interesting for Russia on the eve of the World Championship 2018.
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