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Balaklava - is a unique place that attracts the attention of many people from all over the world. Its name is given to streets, boulevards and metro stations in England, France and Turkey, the settlements in Australia and the island of Mauritius. The rich history of this region counts 2,5 thousand years.

Balaclava (in Turkish Balik-lavas means "fish-nest") - is the seaside town 15 kilometers to the south of Sevastopol on the coast of a deep bay, reminiscent of the fjord.

The length of balaklavaklava bay is 1,2 km, the width at the narrowest point is 100 m, the depth is 17-30 meters. Winding channel protects the bay from strong storms. There are 46 historical monuments in Balaklava, among them are of 21-state value.
In addition, in the vicinity of Balaklava there are 18 memorial sites for the British since the Crimean War of 1853-1856. The "youngest" Balaklava Museum was opened on the basis of a unique plant for the construction of submarines, which during the Soviet era was a top-secret object.

The clearest sea of the whole southern coast of Crimea is in Balaklava. Here you can find big and small beaches to all tastes.
"the nearby" beach. It is perhaps the most popular beach due to availability and relatively large size. You can reach it by means of shuttle boat and dinghies (private boats). There is pebble on the beach and on the slopes of the mountain it is possible to set a tent for the night.
That is the favourite place for those who plan to overnight as well as for those who like sunbathing.

"Golden" beach. It is bigger than the "Nearby" beach, but less comfortable (bigger pebbles and less picturesque). It is approximately 60-70 minutes walk or 15 minutes by boat.

"Fig". It is remarkable by its clear water and pine forest, descending almost straight to the sea.
"Shaitan-hole". It is a small beach for lovers of thrills. To get to it, you will have to go down the 10-meter metal ladder attached to the rockat the last moment. But it is just 15 minutes walk from Balaklava.

"Cliff". It is not even the beach, but the place for bathing in the exit from Balaklava bay. There are beautiful cliffs for dive enthusiasts.
City beach. It is located directly in the Balaklava Bay. The closest and most "civilized", with a concrete coating.

"Vasili". The beach in Vasiliy beam, to the right from the exit out of Balaklava bay. The sand and crystal clear water.

To the south of Balaklava in the sea the rocky promontory of Ayia stands (St.Mountain - Greek.) restricting the west southern coast of Crimea, with its especially close to the Mediterranean, features of nature. Here you can see different climate, other plants.

One of the attractions of Balaklava is "Cembalo" the Genoese fortress, built by the Genoese, it still stands majestically over the Balaklava bay. Not far from the Cembalo, you can see the Orthodox Church, also founded by the Genoese. That is Church of the 12 apostles.

Balaklava bay is the best harbor for sailing on the Black Sea coast in terms of geographical, natural and navigational features. It is closed to the wind and waves from all directions. The bay is not loaded by large-tonnage vessels, which creates fewer problems and increases the safety of navigation.



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