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The UN, 27 Mar — RIA Novosti news agency, Ivan  Zakharchenko. On Thursday UN General As...
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Resort is located on the Black Sea coast of Nikolaev region in 4 km from long-distance high-way Odessa - Nikolaev (50 km from Odessa, 80 km from Nikolayev), and is a collection of some 60 boarding houses and holiday camps with varying degrees of comfort, stretch band along the coast to 6 km, and can simultaneously take 15-17 thousand holidaymakers. Private, residential and industrial sectors in the resort area vacation Koblevo are absent.

KoblevoKoblevo feature is a harmonious combination of mild sun, sea, scent of steppe grasses and perennial pine forest. Here you will find the most developed infrastructure, entertainment and recreation for the entire coast. Distinctive features: fishing and many sports and playgrounds, town attractions and concerts and artistic sites, the daily show and the disco-karaoke, water slides for children and a huge selection of water bikes and bicycles. In the summer resort Koblevo is a place where they can spend your holidays on the Black Sea.

Great opportunities for recreation and leisure are offered: the sea, child-friendly sandy beach with a moderately flat bottom, water slides, rides on boats and yachts, jet skis, children's rides, amusement park, halls of computer games, numerous bars and cafes, youth discos, food and industrial markets, tourist tours to Odessa, Kishinev, Mykolaiv, Kherson, Olbia, Askania Nova.

People who have their holidays here mostly - are the citizens of Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and Moldova.

On the territory of the Black Sea Resort Koblevo the payment for services and goods are produced in the Ukrainian national currency - grivna.

In exchange points and the market U.S. dollars, EUR, RUR and Moldovan Leu can be exchanged. Belarusian Ruble is not changed.

It should be noted that the exchange rate in a resort recreation area Koblevo is always lower than in Odessa or Nikolaev.

According to the laws of Ukraine travel insurance is compulsory and, in our view, entirely superfluous. As practice shows, insurance cases, though are very rare, but sometimes they take place and cause the tourist a lot of trouble and financial costs of treating is at least twice greater than the insurance fee.

It would be better for you to ensure from the place of rest, because the insurance companies which insured the tourist is always close and it can quickly respond to the first signal of the insurance case.



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