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The village Koktebel is located at the foot of the extinct volcano. In the translation from the Tatar - the name means Land of Blue Tops. This is one of the most remarkable places on Earth.

KoktebelThe healing climate of the area is an amazing combination of mountain, forest, steppe and sea air.
Koktebel attracts vacationers to the Reserve Kara-Dag, with its infinite number of quiet coves, intricate shapes of rocks (frozen figures of birds, animals) with original names.

The pearl of the reserve is Holy Mountain, for many reasons justifying its name. There is the tomb of St. Asclepius or Aesculapius, the great mystic and healer, at the top of the hill.

In Koktebel, the history of the Earth keeps the memory of the settlements of the Greeks, Tatars, Bulgarians, Armenians, Russian, Ukrainians and Germans.

Koktebel is located in 20 km from the city of Feodosia. It is situated on the banks of the majestic bay, covered with gentle hands of the mountains. The ridge Uzun-Sirt in the north, and Karadag located in the west cover Koktebel valley from the inclement weather outside world. There are no cold winds and fogs. The air is dry, clean, filled with aroma of herbs and sea.
The climate heals all kinds of inflammations, rheumatism, hypertension throughout the year, but it's not only the place where a person can be treated or have a holiday, but the place for communication and development.

First of all, Koktebel - is the land of the romantics, dreamers and artists. The image of Koktebel is inseparable from the name of M.A. Voloshin, brilliant poet, translator, an outstanding artist, philosopher and traveler, who lived at the foot of Karadag at the end of the last century. Today the house-museum of Voloshin is one of the most visited literary-memorial museums of Ukraine.

Koktebel is inseparably linked with the history of gliding. In the southern and northern wind, there formed the rising streams of flow near the mountain named after Klementyev. It seems as if this place was created by nature to fly gliders, which can hover there for hours without landing. Old Soviet name of the village was Planerskoe.

Near the village there is one of the major wineries of the Crimea - Koktebel plant - vintage wines and cognacs, producing a wide range of brandies: "Crimea", "Koktebel", "Kutuzov" and strong brand, dessert and table wines. But the pearl of the wine production "Koktebel" - is the most powerful maderna shop and the area in Ukraine, where the famous Koktebel Madera is being born.

Each year expanding their vineyards, Koktebel increases the output of its unique, luxurious cognacs and wines, which are in demand and sold far away from Ukraine, bringing to Koktebel high awards and fame.
There are beautiful beaches along the coast.

You can go windsurfing, water-skiing, rollercoasting, motorcycling, cycling, motodelta-, para-, bi-and seaplaning, bananas, diving with scuba diving, go on sea trips to make boats, and visit an amusement park on the shore. There are famous nudist beaches in Koktebel.

Attractions of Koktebel: House Museum named after Voloshin, Karadag, Golden Gate, Mount named after Kliment'ev, Dolphinarium (Kurortnoye), Museum Gliding.



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