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In the foothills of the Carpathians There is one of the most unique resorts in Ukraine - Balneotherapy drinking Morshin resort, founded in 1878. Main Profile of Morshin resort - is the diseases of the liver, stomach, intestines.

MorshinMorshin is located in a picturesque valley at an altitude of 340 m above sea level and surrounded by pine and deciduous forests. Bereznitsa River divides the resort into two parts - a mountain covered with dense forest, and forest park. All the motels are in the woodland park, so the territory is always quiet and peaceful. You can have a good time in the numerous cafes, restaurants and summer terraces.

The history of settlements of Morshin is ancient. Many centuries ago in the dense forests people evaporated salt from the brine, which was the main source of their existence. From this industry (salt evaporated in baths), there were some names - Bath forest, village Bani Lisovetskie etc. Name Morshin, according to one version, is derived from the name of the local lessee of local salt production - Peter Morshyn and was first mentioned in documents of the XIV century.

Officially Morshin resort was opened in May 1878.
The climate is mild, moderately warm and humid, average temperature in summer is +20 degrees, in winter -4C. Average yearly temperature is +7.6 C. Morshin is close to the resorts of the Caucasus, in particular to Kislovodsk (+ 7.7 C). The hottest months in Morshyn are July and August with average temperature around +22 C, the coldest - is January (-4C). Spring months are relatively warm, average temperature of the spring season is about +14 C. Autumn is not cold, average temperature - is about +12 .

Morshyn is characterized by very high humidity (71-81% in winter, in summer - 83%) and by reduced atmospheric pressure, which varies between 725-742 mm Hg during the year. High humidity is particularly noticeable in the morning and evening, during the day it is close to optimal, therefore, despite the high air temperature it is cool in the morning and evening.

The most humid months - are August to October, dry - April-May. Cloudy days are on average 99 per year, clear and sunny - about 98. Maximum cloudiness is observed in November, the minimum - in July-September.

Mineral water of source number 1. The first chemical analysis of mineral water of source number 1 was published back in 1881, after the fact that two years before an enterprising merchant (German-born) Boniface Shtillerom  cleaned and bettered two wells with depth of about 50m.

Water source is highly mineralized (the other name -  brine), it ranks first among similar famous healing waters of the world - Batalinskaya, Lake Shira, Kissinger, Karlovy Vary, Marianske Lazne. Healing properties of water are enhanced by the presence of trace elements - manganese, copper, zinc, iron, bromine and iodine in it .

Although these elements are in very small quantities in water, but play an important role in balneotherapy. Mineral water of source number 1, due to its properties, is used for medicinal purposes, both for internal and for external (in the form of baths) application.
Mineral water of source number 6.

In 1968, as a result of geological survey Spa resort base was replenished by mineral water from the new - very rich and promising - well, called the source number 6. Chemical composition (by the way, is very stable) - is sulfate-chloride-sodium-potassium-magnesium water.

From water of source number 1, it differs by rich in magnesium sulfate and potassium, which increases its medicinal value and can be identified as a type of water - sulfate-potassium, which play an important role in balneotherapy. The ionic composition of water indicates its high therapeutic value for treating patients with diseases of liver and biliary tract.

Low-mineralized water of source number 4. This source was found in 1879, and people gave a beautiful name "Matka Boska(in Polish "Mother of God"). There are many legends about its origin and miraculous properties.

Water of source number 4 concerning the mineralization is similar to rain water (0.17 g / l), which describes it as a very hypotonic. Chemical composition - is calcium bicarbonate. In addition, potassium, sodium, magnesium, iron, sulfates are included to its composition in smaller quantities.

Water from this source is slightly radioactive (continuous radon content is about 38 units of Mahe), with a high content of dissolved oxygen. Taking into account physico-chemical properties of the water, it's used for the treatment of uric acid diathesis and urolithiasis.

Based on the characteristics of chemical and microbiological composition water "Matka Boska" is an analogue of mineral water Naftusya of Truskavets, except that it differs from its famous analogue for the lack of unpleasant hydrogen sulfide odor and amazing taste.

Mineral water of source number 1 is prescribed usually for treatment of diseases involving low content or complete absence of free hydrochloric acid in gastric juice, mineral water of source number 4 is used to treat the diseases of the digestive system that occur with normal and high acidity of gastric contents. Water source number 6 is used for medicinal purposes for internal use directly on the resort, and is bottled in bottles for treatment at home.



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