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Yasinya is a village of the Transcarpathian region of Rakhovsky area, the most mountainous area of Ukraine. Here is an array of Montenegro and the highest mountain of Ukraine - Hoverla.

YasinyaYasinya Village is located in a valley between Svidovetskiy and Montenegro mountain ranges, in the foothills of Hoverla, Petros, Bliznyuki. This is the only settlement, through which all the ways to the foot of the mountain Stog and routes, located on its slopes pass. The season here starts in October and ends sometimes only in the beginning of June.

The most famous local trails are those located in the valley Dragobrat, at an altitude of 1300-1400 m above sea level, in the horseshoe of Svidovetskiy Ridge Mountains, at the foot of the mountain Stog.

Due to the fact that the valley is bordered by mountains, a unique environment for the snow cover is formed here, which is preserved from November to May. They say that in the past 30 years, even in the warmest winter, the lack of snow was not recorded. The best way to get to Dragobrat from Yassin is by the local special vehicles.

The slopes of the mountain Stog are gentle, smooth, with the angle of inclination of about 12-20 degrees, so even the beginners can skate here. There is also a slope with an angle of 40 degrees. The total length of tracks is about 10 km, their preparation is carried out using two snowcat.

Also, using the snowcat, experienced skiers and snowboarders are taken on the slopes of the mountains Zhandarm (1800 m) and Bliznitsya (1883 m), thus increasing the length of the slopes of up to 3 kilometers and more. On the slope next to the hotel and two cottages, there are two restaurants, a Finnish sauna, an outdoor cafe.

There are 2 lifts in the village Yasinya. One is on Mount KOSTYRIVKA: the length of the lift is 400 meters, a line width is 200 m, its height is 70 m. The slide is very flat, just right for beginners, it is a 10 minute walk from the village center. The second lift is in the area of Mlaka: the length of the lift is 800 meters, vertical drop is 150 m.

HOW TO GET THERE: By train to Ivano-Frankivsk, thence to Yasinya by bus, shuttle bus, car or train, and you can go by train to the station Yassin.

Where to live: recreation centers, private hotels and complexes.




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