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Marilyn Manson to perform in Ukraine

Friday, 10 August 2012 13:04
Marilyn Manson In December, Marilyn Manson comes with a concert to Kiev. A legendary shock-rocker will perform for the first time in Ukraine.

According to, the concert will be held on December 20 in the metropolitan Palace of Sports.

The show will take place within the world tour "Hey, Cruel World… Tour" and will consist of new songs and the best tracks in the career of MM.

Currently, Twiggy Ramirez is touring with Manson (aka Twiggy - guitar), Fred Sablan (bass), Jason Sutter (drums).

The eighth studio album by Marilyn Manson "Born Villain" was released on May 1, 2012 and debuted in the top 10 U.S. charts, as well as top-20 album ratings of Great Britain and Russia.

Recall, the concerts of Madonna and Red Hot Chili Peppers took place in Kiev.

Brief biography
Marilyn Manson (Brian Hugh Warner) (1969) - a musician, leader of the band "Marilyn Manson".

Brian was born on January 5, 1969 in Canton, Ohio in a work, far from the creative family. His father was a merchant, and his mother - a nurse. Parents sent him to study at a Christian school. But contrary to expectations, the boy became an atheist. After school, he movedMarilyn Manson to Florida and began working as a reporter and critic in a music magazine.

In 1989 Merlin Manson created a rock band. Then the musician took the stage name by combining two names: Marilyn (from actress and sex symbol Marilyn Monroe) and Manson (from a known criminal Charles Mills Manson). Other group members also stage names: Daisy Berkowitz, Olivia Newton-Band, Zsa Zsa Speck. Initially, the band was called "Marilyn Manson and The Spooky Kids". Their first album was released in 1994, the - "Portrait Of An American Family". The band quickly found success in the USA, largely due to deliberate advertising. The image of the band was shocking. Soon Olivia Newton-Band and Zsa Zsa Speck were replaced by Gidget Gein and Madonna Wayne Gacy. The composition of the group in 2009: Twiggy, Chris Vrenna, Ginger Fish, Andy Gerold and an unchangeable leader - Marilyn Manson.

Then, they released the albums: "Smells Like Children", "Antichrist Superstar", "Mechanical Animals". And the next album «Holy Wood» brought the band international fame. The audience was shocked by Manson's image and behavior. A musician, in turn, backed his image with the incredible antics. Having met the Satanist Anton Szandor LaVey, Manson received the title of Reverend in the Church of Satan. The band often uses the attributes of this ideology at its concerts (for example, the image is a goat head).

The next studio album was  "The Golden Age of Grotesque", released in 2003. It was followed by "Eat Me, Drink Me" in 2007, "The High End of Low" in 2009.

From 2005 to 2006 - Marilyn Manson was married to an actress and dancer Dita Von Teese. Then, until 2008, he dated an actress Evan Rachel Wood.

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