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General Assembly of the UN didn't recognize results of a referendum in the Crimea

The UN, 27 Mar — RIA Novosti news agency, Ivan  Zakharchenko. On Thursday UN General As...
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Ukraine bans Bloodhound Gang bassist for 5 years
Thursday, 08 August 2013 09:07

Ukraine bans Bloodhound Gang bassist for 5 years08.06.2013, Kiev. The Security Service of Ukraine has banned the bass guitarist of the American band Bloodhound Gang Jared Henehan, (Jared Hasselhoff - the stage name of musician) from entering Ukraine for five years for the desecration of national symbols. It was reported by "RBK-Ukraine", with reference to the local media.

Recall, that on July 31, in Odessa at the concert, the bass guitarist of the band Bloodhound Gang, Jared Hasselhoff, shoved up his ass with the Russian flag during the concert in Odessa. He put the flag in his pants while saying the audience: "Don't tell Putin". After that, the musician pulled the flag from the back side and threw it into the crowd.

Sergei Svetlakov married and had a son
Thursday, 01 August 2013 14:44

Sergei SvetlakovA popular actor and showman Sergei Svetlakov made ​​a sensational confession. The actor, who kept the details of his personal life literally a secret, admitted that he got married and he has a son.

Recall, that news that a popular actor Sergei Svetlakov got divorced his wife Julia, has become a real shock to many fans of the actor.

The Scorpions will give two more concerts in Ukraine
Wednesday, 24 July 2013 07:12

Performances are scheduled as part of the tour The BEST.

Victory at «Eurovision-2013» may go to Ukraine
Monday, 27 May 2013 13:50
Eurovision-2013This year, "Eurovision" has become the most controversial for the recent years. At first, when counting the votes for the finalists, the Russian participant Dina Garipova did not get any points from Azerbaijan. Now, the winner of the competition Denmark and a silver medalist of the show Azerbaijan found themselves at the center of scandal.

Denmark, the winner of the main prize of the contest, came under the hail of criticism after the accusations of plagiarism. The strong similarity of the winning song to the product of the group "K-Otik" was found by Dutch journalists.
The finalists of «Ukraine's Got Talent - 5» , the team «Light Ballance» spent UAH 30.000 on the glowing outfits.
Monday, 27 May 2013 12:14

Light BallanceThe leader of the group spoke about how much time is spent on the creation of glowing outfits, about the idea of participation in the show and about the weight of one such suit.

In the previous semi-finals of the fifth season of the talent show, the greatest number of viewers' votes went to the team from Dnepropetrovsk, who had shown a dance in the glowing suits in the dark. Interestingly, only two members of the team are professionally engaged in dancing - twin sisters Olga and Alyona Bezus. The other five members are the masters of kickboxing.

Oksana Marchenko is leaving the show «Ukraine's Got Talent»
Tuesday, 14 May 2013 09:27

Oksana MarchenkoA well-known Ukrainian TV presenter Oksana Marchenko is leaving the show because of the new project, which will be broad-casted in 2014.

The TV show "Ukraine's Got Talent" has brought unprecedented popularity to Oksana, but she does not want to be a TV presenter of the show anymore. She decided that she needs to prove herself in other images. Marchenko recently admitted in the interviews that she is often labeled because of the show, which has nothing to do with the real life.

Zlata Ognevich, the representative of Ukraine at «Eurovision-2013» , revealed the secret of her stage performance
Thursday, 25 April 2013 14:06

Zlata OgnevichThe singer told the details of staging and explained its concept.

According to Zlata, her performance will reflect the main message of the song: "On the way to achieving your goals, you will have to make a lot of efforts, in spite of all the obstacles which have to be overcome.

Very often on the way to our dreams, we can be broken down the prejudices and conventions.

And then you want to give up. You will need some special inner strength that will help you to follow the call of your heart and reach desired.

This is the main message of the song "Gravity".

«Ukraine's Got Talent - 5» : Kate Sokolenko about Igor Kondratyuk and Eugeniy Litvinkovich
Thursday, 25 April 2013 13:48

Kate SokolenkoFirst, a talented singer reached the semi-finals of the "X-factor", and then the live broadcast of the show "Ukraine's Got Talent".

When Catherine gave this interview, she did not know that she entered the finals, though she hoped she did.

Kate, you are a beaten fighter. You took part in the "X-Factor" ...

Beaten, but not finished, so to speak. I did not participate in live broadcasts of "X-factor", and I didn't have such adrenaline. Here, if I screw up or suddenly something goes wrong, it will be unforgivable. That is why, I psych me up for success, and I showed everything that I could. Hopefully, if I enter the finals, then I will give even more. Because people believe in me, they wait for more from me, and I should consider this.

Oksana Marchenko's daughter danced at the show «Ukraine's Got Talent»
Tuesday, 19 March 2013 13:43

Oksana Marchenko's daughterPopular Tv presenter opened a few personal secrets of the fifth season of the popular project.

"I will tell you a little secret: my daughter took part in the show this season. Looking ahead, I'll just say that, as a mother, I will always say no. But as a creative person, I believe that we should go and try" - admitted Oksana Marchenko on her official website.

According to the "KP", TV presenter's daughter, Dasha Medvedchuk, participated in the casting of the project, which will be shown on TV in a month.

It turns out that the girl has long dreamed to take part in the show for talents. And when she first came with her mother for a shooting of the first season, she made ​​a wish: to get to the stage of the project.

The Killers go to Ukraine
Thursday, 21 February 2013 14:54

The Killers go to UkraineIn the summer, a popular band will give a concert in the Ukrainian capital.

On July,2, an indie rock band The Killers will perform in Kyiv Sports Palace, according

The American band has four successful albums (the latest, "Battle Born", which was released in the autumn of 2012, and debuted in the UK charts at once with the first place), dozens of hits and more than 600 concerts around the world.


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