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General Assembly of the UN didn't recognize results of a referendum in the Crimea

The UN, 27 Mar — RIA Novosti news agency, Ivan  Zakharchenko. On Thursday UN General As...
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General Assembly of the UN didn't recognize results of a referendum in the Crimea
Friday, 28 March 2014 09:50

Crimea -RussiaThe UN, 27 Mar — RIA Novosti news agency, Ivan  Zakharchenko. On Thursday UN General Assembly by a majority vote adopted the resolution in which the recent referendum in the Crimea is called not having validity on Thursday.

In Yalta have started creating the largest and modern rest complex in Europe.
Friday, 01 November 2013 14:01
YaltaIn Yalta have started creating the largest and modern leisure complex in Europe, in which it will be invested about 1 billion hryvnias, Yalta mayor Sergey Ilash reported during broadcasting company "Yalta".

"Owners of Yalta Foreign tourist hotel complex and Donbass boarding house invest the serious capital in the territory of Big Yalta and, in particular in the Yalta Foreign tourist complex.
It is supposed that the coastal recreation area in the territory "Yalta Intourist" will be completely changed. In borders restaurant, planetarium and other entertainment complexes which are provided by the project" will be constructed, "- said S.Ilash.

According to the town governor, has already begun reconstruction of the coastal zone, which the second floor with the volleyball courts will be completed, the second turn – ropeway construction, Donbass boarding house reconstruction is already begun.

"All services actively working today and  I am sure that this project will be realized. We hope that in Yalta within 3-4 years in creation of the largest and modern complex of rest in Europe will be invested about 1 billion hryvnias", - S. Ilash expressed confidence.
«Ukrainian Retail» will expand the «Brusnichka» network to 122 to 2014
Wednesday, 23 October 2013 12:04
Brusnichka"Ukrainian Retail", part of the holding company "SCM" (both - Donetsk) and develops the trade network fresh market "Brusnichka" in Ukraine, plans to open until the end of the current year in Ukraine 14 more fresh markets, thereby to increase their quantity to the 122nd in a network in Ukraine.

"We plan to open until the end of this year 14 more shops. Plans for 2014 for the present aren't approved", - reported to Interfax Ukraine agency in the company press service.

In the press service also reported that the network will continue development in those six areas in which it is already presented and will open in the small cities. Now the retailer has no plans on an exit out of limits of these six areas.

According to the company, the next opening of fresh market are planned in Kharkov and Enakiyevo (Donetsk Region), and also at the beginning of November in Yellow Waters (The Dnepropetrovsk Region).
Opposition: The authorities of Ukraine force out Webmoney from the market in interests of competitors
Wednesday, 23 October 2013 11:57

WebmoneyKiev, October 21 (the New Region, Anna Sergeyeva) – In Ukraine is forced out from the market of electronic money the Webmoney company as officials are interested in "cleaning" in favor of the competitors approached to the power.

Hereof to the “ New Region" was declared by the deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Ksenia Lyapina, making comments on information which has appeared in mass media on a corruption situation in the market of money transfer software system.
"What is happening in the market of electronic money it is possible to call the events open prosecution of the concrete company – Webmoney it is unambiguous. The concrete and objective reasons for replacement of Webmoney from the market aren't present. Therefore all planned and purposeful campaign for replacement of Webmoney someone is well prepared.

Today Ukraine will play with England in the World Cup Qualifiers
Tuesday, 10 September 2013 00:00

Ukraine vs EnglandToday the Ukrainian national team will play in the main match of the selection for the World Cup in Brazil.

In order to continue the fight for the top spot in the group, Mikhail Fomenko’s wards need to loses possession current leader of the group.

And the Ukrainians, and the British have extracted a major victory on Friday, accordingly beating San Marino (9-0) and Moldova (4-0).

Ukraine won «gold» and «bronze» in athletics
Tuesday, 20 August 2013 12:14

Ukraine won «gold» and «bronze» in athleticsHigh jumper, Bogdan Bondarenko, won the gold medal at the World Championships in Athletics in Moscow - the second for Ukraine, and in the triple jump - Olga Saladuha won the bronze medal.

Bondarenko took the height of 2.41 at the second attempt - none of his rivals did not jump higher. Bogdan took the height of 2.29 and 2.31 at his first attempt​​.

After taking the winning height, Bondarenko set the bar high for the current world record - 2.46, but his three attempts were unsuccessful.

The government is fighting against «Forex-clubs»
Tuesday, 20 August 2013 12:04

Forex clubUkrainian government continues to struggle against the financial pyramids of various types and has considerable support from the representatives of the expert community in this matter.

In particular, at this stage, a program of measures aimed at the legalization of so-called "Forex-clubs" is being worked out.

At the moment, the operation of these structures is not regulated by anyone or anything, consequently it is outside the legal field.

Clustered web hosting available in Ukraine
Thursday, 08 August 2013 14:02

Clustered web hostingThe largest registrar and hosting provider RX-NAME announced the launch of cluster hosting in Ukraine.

A cluster is a group of combined homogeneous elements, which function as one unit. This approach comes to replace the traditional methods of web hosting services that are actually not so effective under current conditions.

Nowadays, in Ukraine, hosting on cluster technology allows to improve the stability of services and web projects, because the tasks are distributed across multiple servers, that is, if one of them fails to operate, the others can continue. The entire system will continue to function.

Ukraine bans Bloodhound Gang bassist for 5 years
Thursday, 08 August 2013 09:07

Ukraine bans Bloodhound Gang bassist for 5 years08.06.2013, Kiev. The Security Service of Ukraine has banned the bass guitarist of the American band Bloodhound Gang Jared Henehan, (Jared Hasselhoff - the stage name of musician) from entering Ukraine for five years for the desecration of national symbols. It was reported by "RBK-Ukraine", with reference to the local media.

Recall, that on July 31, in Odessa at the concert, the bass guitarist of the band Bloodhound Gang, Jared Hasselhoff, shoved up his ass with the Russian flag during the concert in Odessa. He put the flag in his pants while saying the audience: "Don't tell Putin". After that, the musician pulled the flag from the back side and threw it into the crowd.

Businesses exempt from penalties for incorrect financial reporting
Thursday, 01 August 2013 14:51
Businesses exempt from penalties for incorrect financial reportingThe Ministry of Finance offered to free enterprises from paying penalties for errors in the financial statements, if the updated data have been filed within three months after the main financial reporting, writes Kommersant-Ukraine in the article "Corrections of mistakes".

In particular, the Office of Yuri Kolobov offers to free enterprise managers and accountants from administrative penalties in connection with their methodological arithmetic or clerical errors in the accounting and financial reporting for two years. These changes are contained in the promulgated draft law "On Amendments to Some Laws of Ukraine on accounting issues".

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